DataSheet View Not Working

For a list if you switch the view from standard to Datasheet, you often land up on error page in Sharepoint. This error could be because following conditions are true:

  • The datasheet component that is compatible with WSS is not installed
  • Microsoft Office Professional edition is not installed on Client System
  • The Web browser does not support ActiveX

The solution for this problem is simple try this

  1. Click Start and then Control Panel
  2. Click Add or Remove program
  3. Click Microsoft Office 2003 and then click Change
  4. Click Add or Remove Features, and then select Next
  5. Click to select choose advance customization of application check box and then click next
  6. In choose update options for applicatoins and tool box, expand office Tools, click the down arrow next to Windows Sharepoint Services support and then click not Available
  7. Click Update
  8. After the Update is done repeat steps from 1 to 5
  9. In choose update options for applications and tools box, expand office tools, click the down arrow next to Windows SharePoint Services Support and then Click Run From My Computer
  10. Click Update Again

This should display datasheet view in correct format.

You can also install Office 2007 Access patch to enable datasheet view on your client machine.


2 thoughts on “DataSheet View Not Working

  1. Another circumstance and fix for this –

    We’ve had several people report problems with the Datasheet view – one day it will work, the next it stops for no apparent reason. The fix is to go to Microsoft Office >> Microsoft Office Tools >> Microsoft Office Diagnostics. Running the Diagnostics fixed the issue.

    No sign of errors in the Event logs (Application or Microsoft Office Diagnostics), though the final message in the Diagnostics log says “Setup Diagnostic completed. Result: a cause of the errors was identified. Repairs were made. Result Code: 0”

    No idea what caused the problem, but at least there is a fix!

    • Hi Jim,

      Your way to fix datasheet error works too. When I looked into error logs, I did not find any entry. But I am sure both ways you can fixup the issue.

      Following combinations displayed datasheet view correctly –

      1) Win2k3 and MS Office 2007
      2) Windows XP client and MS Office 2007
      3) Windows 7 client and MS Office 2007

      I can understand it is not possible to test all such combinations, thought we could get good results with above combinations.

      I ran into a problem with office 2003 and windows XP. I did try repairing my office setup and ran Microsoft Office Diagnostics.. It did not help. I am not sure what has gone wrong as it was working few days back.

      I had to compromise with installing Microsoft Office Access 2007 patch. Datasheet view started working after this.

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