Installing SPSearch Service with STSADM

Recently I came across a situation where there was no Search Service installed on SharePoint server. Service did not appear in “Services on a Server” page in Central Administration. I tried searching for a keyword on WSS 3.0 site but my search result always returned error saying that “site is not assigned an indexer”. What to do?? I followed number of blogs about this error. Some asked me to start Indexing services, search services from administrative services on my system. Few blogs said I need to assign a search database for a site.

After digging down through all the logs, I started looking for bits and pieces on my system. I found

  1. WSS_Search search DB missing in SQL Server
  2. WSS search service is not present on Admin Services
  3. Indexing service was stopped
  4. Option to select Search DB was grayed out

I immediately started SP configuration wizard in order to recover WSS_ search DB in sql server. After I recovered WSS_ Search DB, I attached a search DB for the site in CA, Started Indexing service on the Server. Still did not find search service installed….. I ran stsadm command line to install SPSearch Service and started a full crawl on a server.

stsadm.exe -o SPsearch -action start

stsadm.exe -o spsearch -action fullcrawlstart

Go to service in system, start WSS search service. My site can do search now.


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