Employee Activities Template – Signup Bugs

I installed Employee Activities template from Microsoft last night. It’s good in a way that I can create activities and allow people to sign up.  However, there is a problem with sign up. The workflow runs under default permissions “System Account” and hence does not allow any user other than OWNERS to sign up for an activity.

I gave edit permissions to Activity and sign-up lists, still it did not work. Users have edit permissions now, they can create activities but I do not want all people to create activity. Only few can create an activity. This leaves a security hole.

Activity creation should be restricted to specific group but sign ups should work for all even for users who have read permissions.

I did not find a way to fix this. Does anyone has a solution for this??

my last option is to create those workflows again with Sharepoint Designer and try to make it work.


2 thoughts on “Employee Activities Template – Signup Bugs

    • Hi JT,

      I did not get that working.. I tried with all the possible permission setting but it never resolved. Creating the same workflow in SharePoint Designer did not work.

      I then went onto creating my own template for the same. This new template uses same set of permissions as the original template from Microsoft. It’s working flawless.

      I am just guessing that it could be deploying and packaging problem of SharePoint Designer workflows.

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